Konso child with handmade souvenir, South West Ethiopia / We Speak Your Heart ©

people are gems

He was shy. I was shier in asking if I could photograph him while he was showing a souvenir the Konso children of the Ethiopian highlands make for tourists: a paper and sticks manual TV. Hand drawn, coloured, shaped, assembled, calibrated to perfection. There are always expert travelers who number the countries visited, who know what to look for, who state what is trendy and not, who arrive at a destination and in no time know everyone. Everyone deemed to matter. […]

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Hamer woman, Turmi, Debub Omo Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region of Ethiopia / We Speak Your Heart ©

I witnessed love

I will stand by you I have taken the first lash the second Others followed, tearing my skin I begged the Maza — the unwed men with the whip – to strike me. Blow after blow. I want to prove to you I will defend you from life’s harm. I am not afraid I don’t complain not a moan not a sigh Pain is nothing compared to my love for you, Brother And one day when times of trouble, doubt […]

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Ethiopia – Where My Heart Is

Our guest – Trevor Jenner He is a celebrated author, traveler, explorer and fascinated observer. The English born Trevor Jenner is a champion for the people, the animals and the landscape of Ethiopia. His publication, Ethiopia Traveller’s Handbook, has received glowing reviews. Joanna Lumley, OBE FRGS, says: Absolutely stunning book. It has made me think of all I missed and reinforced my determination to return to Ethiopia. The book is a masterpiece, a masterclass on what every handbook should be. […]

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