You take out the rubbish, the news still playing in your head. You hold back threats of war, famine, disease, Read more
And did you get what you wanted from this life, even so? I did. And what did you want? To Read more
  At around 3:00pm each day, 5 year old Thomasina gathered her dolls, a small blanket, her tea set and Read more
They had emerged from their past non-lives, certain of one thing. They were meant. Two in 7 billion. They were Read more
  We are no longer countries, no longer villages, no longer tribes. All of our fates, are running into one. Read more
Our guest - Trevor Jenner He is a celebrated author, traveler, explorer and fascinated observer. The English born Trevor Jenner Read more
This image would make teachers of photography courses, warm inside. There is, it appears, a skilled eye and hand at Read more
  We are programmed to reach for a person who makes us feel safe, loved, affirmed. This is human. Instinctual. Read more
Polly dealt with the news of her husband’s illness as she had dealt with most things that threatened to blow Read more
brother and sister
Would you like to visit us in Hamilton? I have a cottage I do not use. I know this place is Read more
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