A Palestinian refugee and her child caught in sniper fire during the War of Camps. Author: unknown
It was the richest, most avant-garde, secular country of the entire Middle East. One of the smallest nations of the Read more
Afternoon. You stir on the soft couch, finding yourself covered by a soft grey blanket its colour toning with the Read more
I do not like September. It always feels like the closing line of the summer and there is never much Read more
Ruined photos in a destroyed home of a Muslim family in Shingal (Sinjar) following war with the Islamic State.
The third day of September has a softer light. I wake up without alarm nor getting out of bed and Read more
Estefano during the Cook & Shoot Workshop in 2015
the only love sentence - ever, above all - is 'did you eat yet?' Elsa Morante   Three hours from Read more
Palestinian refugees near Allenby Bridge, 1967
I held you so the universe would not suck you in protecting you from the wind, the bullets, the pain Read more
man hugging woman by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
my beloved girl know I need you know I crave to ease your pain know I will never leave you Read more
We, the unruly, with no fixed time for meals and hearts flowing as freely as our blood, wait in the Read more
Baby Zahra was just 11 months old when a bomb killed her along with other eight tourists. It happened and Read more
We, the ordinary
In the film Gloria Bell, John Turturro sits on a sofa with Julianne Moore. It must be a Saturday afternoon. Read more
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