man hugging woman by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

my beloved girl
know I need you
know I crave to ease your pain
know I will never leave you
know I can’t breathe without you
know that we are gypsy wed
that we are more delicious than mushroom rigatoni
know that this very moment light breezes are skipping and playing across the bay in front of our future home passing time until we arrive
know that the 100-year cottage awaits us too
know that suppliers of lentils, tofu, chickpeas, and all the good things have no idea their businesses will be upticking
know that we have an inextinguishable fire in our veins for each other
know that the gods see, love and have blessed us
know that people who we don’t know yet and may never know will love us
know that we will display our art and make our world a bigger and more beautiful world each and every day
know that you will wake to morning light kisses
know that my life is yours and your life is mine
know that we are one and that all of the troubles that beset us now, will be gone

hold on, my true love, for we two are truly beloved on this earth




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