About us

Who we are

The husband and wife team behind We Speak Your Heart are published and prize-winning writers. As well as being irretrievably in love themselves, they have a deep respect for human dignity, whether that takes the form of a CEO holding together a company that supports thousands of employees’ families or a single parent toiling to support their children in learning and life.

Having lived in or visited all of the continents of the world and relished the cultural, philosophical and religious differences between people, the We Speak Your Heart team have found that the enduring truths of the human heart are universal to all people, in all cultures, in all corners of the world.

Both writers are deeply respectful of the trust that you place in them in sharing the stories of your life and love. In return, our writers collaborate with you to create an authentic and unique expression of your love that will be treasured by you and your loved ones for years to come.