Afternoon. You stir on the soft couch, finding yourself covered by a soft grey blanket its colour toning with the winter gloaming in the garden view The space is kissed with the blush of the kitchen’s light as you sit up, the waft of hearty food surprises lifts comforts Your woolly socked feet, shrouded by the blankets dangle, shuffle into the light into my arms ‘You cooked’, you whisper while your head lays an eternity on my chest You were […]

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Estefano during the Cook & Shoot Workshop in 2015

Estefano Onatrac: the food and travel photographer in love with people

the only love sentence – ever, above all – is ‘did you eat yet?’ Elsa Morante   Three hours from Utrecht, the night train takes another of the many curves, en route to Innsbruck. Beveled wheels glow briefly as they ride the tracks’ camber. The train had left the Netherlands on time, as could usually be depended. As the train steals through darkened countryside, somewhere in Germany, the outside disappears, and the rattling, glowing train is, for now, all that […]

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