Writing services

It’s all about your love

Allow us the privilege of sharing your unique love story.

Then, whatever the occasion, whomever the person, together, we will create something beautiful.

Give your loved-one:

  • poetry sewn from the threads of your life and the essence of the connection you cherish.
  • a gift they will treasure for years.
  • all of the joy that your love can bring.

Love is its own event

Love needs no occasion.  Life can change, comfort can be found and hope can rise, in any minute of any day, regardless of the occasion.

Yes, we do specialize in creating beautiful bespoke gifts for life events – birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, etc.

But our greatest delight comes in helping our clients create an immensely special love event when there is no such occasion.

Most importantly of all, we will write words that grow from you.  Words that your loved one will recognize as you.

Most importantly, We Speak Your Heart.