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‘What the World needs now’

To be a sentient human in 2021, is to be assailed by unprecedented challenges and anxieties. 

Questions about the sustainability of human life on earth play like a super 8 film in our mind while we go about our lives. The daily news bears constant witness to the folly of the relentless pursuit of economic and political power at the cost of the degradation of human lives and destruction of the planet upon which they are all dependent.

So what use are words in this context? Poetry, of all things? Really? Isn’t it doing that matters? Haven’t we had enough talking? 

Our best hope

Humanity’s best hope is its humanity.

Heat in the human heart can shape history.  Waves of collective conviction can change the world.  

Who we are, now more than ever, will determine our destiny – the conviction in our hearts that all people have inalienable rights to dignity, safety, food, shelter, education; that the protection of our majestic, sublimely beautiful and fragile world is non-negotiable.   

Our best hope is people, the human spirit.  We need a new connection to a deeper humanity.  We need to ask ourselves the difficult questions.  All people are as valuable as we are, however different they may be from us.  We need to express our hearts to those that we love, with humility and deep gratitude for being beloved on this earth. 

The world needs a non-violent revolution, like no other there has ever been.  And it happens, first, in all of our hearts.  Now, more than ever, we need to live, speak and act with gratitude and grace.  

Now more than ever, we need to cherish those that we love, and from that blessed place take our love into the world and try and change that world.

This was our vision, the writing team of WeSpeakYourHeart – to take our immense personal love for each other into the world, to celebrate and enrich the connections between people, to say the words that need to be said, and in our small way start ripples that join to other ripples and together, with heart and with luck, to help give our world and its people, the chance that they deserve.


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