travel and the art of standing still


We often think that happiness is somewhere else, some other time, some other place than the one we are in now.

We seek life’s gifts and wonders via airports, cars, trains, ocean liners and in some exotic ‘other’.

‘Where have you been, what did you see, what did you do?’ Or ‘where are you planning to go, what are you planning to do and wanting to see?’, we ask.

Our resumption of travel could resemble the pandemonium of tunnel-visioned sprints for TVs, fridges and toasters in ‘Black Friday Sales’

There is a better way.

We can experience an inner journey of discovery and enrichment.

We can observe the workings and wonders of the world and its people and of ourselves.

The riches of travel are not in the hunt for souvenirs, the accumulation of key tourist targets or glamorous Facebook posts.

The joy of travel is allowing ourselves to sink into a place, and allowing it to sink into us.

‘How did you feel, being there?’  Even, ‘how did it change you, being there?’

If we can find peace and fulfilment in our inner lives, then travel will be everything it can be.

If we can stand still in our travels, both we and the worlds we visit will be preserved and enriched.


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