real life

real people

Real people Real people marry more than once, have mortgages, sit at kitchen tables covered with bills to pay. May have many friends or few. Real people have children who no longer speak to them. They grow up in broken families, the best of families or no family at all. Are promiscuous (or secretly dream of being so).  They cannot remember the last time they truly made love, dressed for a romantic night out, indulged on the eyeliner instead of […]

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keeping it real

Every day, we are bombarded with media images of ‘success’. Cars, houses, holidays, clothes, jewelry, fashion and technology accessories. The more success, the more romance. Success is the pathway to true love and all of its satisfactions. But this story bears little or no resemblance to most real relationships.  In them, we struggle with the gritty challenges of work, financial pressures, child-raising, exhaustion and banality. We endure the inevitable conflicts that arise when people live and suffer through life’s challenges […]

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