standing alone


We are programmed to reach for a person who makes us feel safe, loved, affirmed.

This is human. Instinctual. Universal.

It is in a toddler’s reaching arms. It powers decisions which we make deep into adulthood.

During our years, this yearning will lead us into situations that can feel the most damaging of our lives. That can feel as if they are the end of us.

Demolished. Standing alone.

Then, we are forced to reach into ourselves. To consider what we want from our time on this planet.

And it is then that the gifts of our earthly life and the infinite possibilities for growth and fulfilment are most open to us.

Find yourself.

Be yourself.

Stand alone and feel the mountain-peak exhilaration of the world seen from there.

When two people who have each found the strength to stand alone, love one another…

…that is human life and love without limit.


writer reflections

This photograph was taken on 2 June 1930 – a little over 91 years ago.

How astonished the mother would have been, the father who presumably took the photograph would have been, the relatives would have been, if they were told that 91 years into the future, the image of their little girl would be published.

How amazed they would have been that the photograph would be shared with many, many people in many, many countries around the world.

And how infinitely delighted they would have been that poetry would be found in the shutter-click moment of their anxious child standing a short distance from her mother, surrounded by their garden’s weeds.

Everything and everyone is important.

Life is so beautiful.



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