Photography credits


J.R. De Oliveira is an amateur photographer who lives with his family in Boston, USA. We sincerely thank the De Oliveira family for allowing us to share in the grace of this image.

‘the anatomy of melancholy’

Laura Makabresku is a widely exhibited and published professional photographer and artist who lives with her family in Rzeszów, Poland.  Her work is richly woven with symbolism and folklore, is imbued with sensitivity and delicacy and moves with the belief that ‘love is the goal of the soul’.  The image ‘the anatomy of melancholy’ features Laura and her beloved husband Radek. You can see more of Laura’s wonderful work on the  following link:

We are deeply thankful for Laura allowing us to feature her beautiful work on our pages.

“Our House Is a Very, Very, Very Fine House”

Kate Miller-Wilson is a widely recognized, award-winning fine art photographer based in Minnesota, USA.  Emotion is central to Kate’s work, which revolves around recurring themes of connection, longing and self-discovery.  Some of Kate’s most stunning work is large format film photography of her family, and her two sons in particular. Kate’s beautiful work can be seen on her website We are hugely grateful to Kate for allowing us to incorporate of an image of hers in our pages, thank you Kate.

Natalia is an architect and photographer from Yaroslavl, Russia.  Natalia’s 35mm and medium format film photograph is rich in feeling, a sense of place and emotional essence. We are delighted and honoured to host one of her magnificent images in our pages.

You can see more of Natalia’s beautiful work at Natalia’s Gallery

Jorris Martinez is a photographer from Gaillon, France, who loves capturing high contrast black and white images of street people and children, in their world, richly evoking the inner worlds of wonder and feeling, so beautifully. Thank you, Jorris. 

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