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peace: no one told us it does not exist

I held you
so the universe
would not suck you in

protecting you from
the wind, the bullets, the pain
mama’s tears, mine
our  neighbours’ fears

I taught you to count while picking up stars
to pray
be thankful,

we are
taking care
of all the children
under bombs
ammunitions and firing squads

in tents
in the desert
close to a bridge
the sewage

doomed to forget home

(all the bread we broke
shared and raised to heaven as a sign of peace
all the unfulfilled prayers and vain words
all the promises

we wished for peace
but nobody told us
it does not exist
all wars that commence
never cease to be)


photo: Palestinian refugees near Allenby Bridge, 1967 – UNWRA Archives

The husband and wife team behind We Speak Your Heart are published and prize-winning writers. As well as being irretrievably in love themselves, they have a deep respect for human dignity.

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