Mark and Pauline

Dear Writers,

I am writing from our honey moon because you surprised us here!

My wife and I wrote our own wedding vows as we thought they were too personal to outsource them.

But Pauline contacted you privately and you arranged to have her personal promises for eternity , her wishes and what resides in her soul in an audio message you mastered and she played to me while we were on our flight to the Hawaii.

I thought I had reached the height of my emotions at the altar… was I wrong…

Pauline told me you managed to see, understand even the things she never told you.

She is my life and you saw why.

Thank you for the wonderful surprise and excellent work!


The husband and wife team behind We Speak Your Heart are published and prize-winning writers. As well as being irretrievably in love themselves, they have a deep respect for human dignity.

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