keeping it real

Every day, we are bombarded with media images of ‘success’. Cars, houses, holidays, clothes, jewelry, fashion and technology accessories. The more success, the more romance. Success is the pathway to true love and all of its satisfactions.

But this story bears little or no resemblance to most real relationships.  In them, we struggle with the gritty challenges of work, financial pressures, child-raising, exhaustion and banality. We endure the inevitable conflicts that arise when people live and suffer through life’s challenges together, especially over many years.

In the real world, the love two people share is often measured by their treatment of each other and their love for and loyalty to each other, despite those struggles.

The WeSpeakYourHeart team are not interested in writing pretty, superficially pleasing but empty words. We have no interest in words that are detached from your experience.

Our mission and our passion is celebrating your love in the world that it lives.  The real-world texture and beauty of your love in the living, breathing context of your life.  Nothing is better, than keeping it real.

Again and again, we find that the love of ‘ordinary’ people in the real world is indeed extraordinary.

Such ‘life-tested’ love inspires, it defines lives, it spurs acts of courage and devotion, it sustains hope. It is a beacon of belief in the purpose of it all.

It comes as no surprise then, to find extraordinary real-world love, without a mansion, diamonds, or a sports car in sight.


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