you just made me think of how we share our food
how you always try to give me love from your plate
how when I say a piece is yours
you always break it into two pieces
the smallest of which is for you

you have the most gorgeous heart
it always feels like the best of the Arab and African world has made it into you,
that you know that the largest love
is pure simplicity and goodness

you are the most beautiful human

you’re mine

it would offend the gods
and all of the suffering of the world
for me to complain about this short parting
when I have all of the love of the most beautiful soul in the world


ps: I’m wearing the same shirt, because you saw me and hugged me in this
and I need you next to me to be strong enough to go



A Palestinian refugee and her child caught in sniper fire during the War of Camps. Author: unknown
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