Dear Writers,

I am writing from our honey moon because you surprised us here!

My wife and I wrote our own wedding vows as we thought they were too personal to outsource them.

But Pauline contacted you privately and you arranged to have her personal promises for eternity , her wishes and what resides in her soul in an audio message you mastered and she played to me while we were on our flight to the Hawaii.

I thought I had reached the height of my emotions at the altar… was I wrong…

Pauline told me you managed to see, understand even the things she never told you.

She is my life and you saw why.

Thank you for the wonderful surprise and excellent work!


Kumusta fromBataan, inthe Philippines!

When we heard about you, we thought it was impossible, instead you made it great!

The Ocampos family is very united in the heart but apart so far physically. For our Saints’ Day, when our families unite at cemeteries honoring our loved ones with prayers for an easy transition, we wanted to bring a tribute to the founders of our family with something special: a message from everyone, no matter how far. We are 66 in all!

You Zoomed, texted, collected tributes, stories, photos, wishes. You defeated all the time zones and never missed an appointment. Now our stories are in a book you compiled for us: I am holding it in my hands. It is so beautiful…

Because of Covid, celebrations last November were cancelled. Now, each time I go to the cemetery I take our book, and this way bring all the family along. I read Mama and Papa a message from one of us, no matter how distant they are. We have never been closer. It means so much to us.

All the Ocampos agree: we want to include you in our family of 66 + 2.

God bless you and thank you. Remember you have a home anywhere where the Ocampos family are.


Dear awesome Writers!

We want to thank you for having made Edward’s Birthday Party a total blast!

The story of the **Magic Rabbit, Dandelions and Spaceships** you designed for his 7th became the ‘best birthday evah‘ as he says (there is just a hint of his incisors, still, and that is the sound we get).

Though we drove you nuts with names and anecdotes, the Magic Rabbit picked everyone’s story so perfectly and had special words for each one of Edward’s friends (with name!) making all of the children a true, active part of the celebrations.

When the Rabbit gave each child their ‘magic words’ to bring home, our garden rocked. In that moment, it was not just about one child celebrating his birthday, but everyone. Thank you. You truly did magic…

Expect a Zoom call from us around the same time next year!

Lots of love, Lou xx – Adelaide

Dear friends,

Edith told me it was “the essence of my life in one poem: I felt so loved, ever since. My most magnificent birthday.”

That was my Edith’s last birthday. We had a feeling it was going to be so, but she never complained…that was my Edith.

As much as I loved her, I was never able to tell her many words, being a man of long silences.  But I loved her truly and with my deepest self. I think, at times, she had to interpret my love.  You immediately understood me and who Edith was to me: my favourite schoolmate, the only fiancée I ever had, my caring wife of 55 years.  In two hundred and thirty seven vocables, you made her eternal, in all her beauty and delicacy. Edith was the most beautiful woman I ever knew. And if I never tripped, if I always kept balance, if life’s endeavors always seemed less heavy, I owe it to her.

She was my light. I miss her terribly.

Thank you for understanding how important all the words I wanted to tell her but never managed to, truly were, particularly at that stage.  It gives me peace that she knew.

It was her most magnificent birthday, indeed. I know, I was with her since we were only six.

Gratefully yours,

Samuel C., Bedfordshire – UK

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