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At the beginning of this project, when it seemed so daunting, so uncertain, Writer Wife wrote these words to Writer Husband, these words of belief in our art-of-the-heart project:

Writing is always a beautiful dimension.

Especially when you are on the human side, when you become involved with people in all their uniqueness, all of their diversity, when you do it with an open mind and heart.

And even more so when it is the visionary vocation you always dreamt of, when your partner is with you, when everything flows so naturally.

My love, I’m sure we can make it. Let us! Together, we shall imagine it into existence.

We continue to live by these words – the belief in our craft, our connections with the extraordinary hearts of ordinary people, our limitless love for each other.

Please get in touch – meet us by Zoom, chat, tell us your story, let’s make something memorable and beautiful together. 

In short, come and join us on this wonderful journey!


Writer A. and Writer B.

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