8 May 2021

real people

Real people Real people marry more than once, have mortgages, sit at kitchen tables covered with bills to pay. May have many friends or...

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19 April 2021

dancing raspberries and empty trains

Do you remember? You had been away for what seemed like an age. Your assignment was on its third extension.  We had been apart...

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Desert bush
17 March 2021

love knows no boundary

‘human relationships are as vast as desert’ ‘…stones, even, are smoother for the dust’ – Patrick White, from the novel Voss (1957)   The...

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10 March 2021

do come along

Writing is always a beautiful dimension

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9 March 2021

keeping it real

Every day, we are bombarded with media images of ‘success’. Cars, houses, holidays, clothes, jewelry, fashion and technology accessories. The more success, the more...

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4 March 2021

we are one

Every leaf of every forest throughout time has been unique - yet every leaf has been part of the whole, has only had existence,...

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