Ruined photos in a destroyed home of a Muslim family in Shingal (Sinjar) following war with the Islamic State.

Nadia Murad: surviving war and ISIS slavery to become the last girl in the world to tell a story like hers

The third day of September has a softer light. I wake up without alarm nor getting out of bed and pull my tablet closer. I must have fallen asleep reading The Last Girl, My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State, A memoir by Nadia Murad. Last night pages rolled on the screen and I was telling myself: This is a dejavu of the worst of humanity. Yet everything again sounds horrendously unprecedented. In August 2014 Nadia […]

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in grief for baby zahra

Baby Zahra was just 11 months old when a bomb killed her along with other eight tourists. It happened and you might have never heard of them   In the summer, it gets hot in Iraq. So scorching your clothes are on fire. One with your skin. You just want to escape. It gets so hot the pavement in Baghdad is like chewed bubblegum underneath your soles. The weather in 2022 became anarchic to the extent nine sandstorms afflicted the […]

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