Category:human relations

24 May 2021

my huckleberry friend

It isn’t possible to promise those we love continuous health, happiness, prosperity or freedom from heartbreak. But In the end, all our loves need,...

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5 April 2021

the story of the antique ring

Do you remember? We’d given up on the high street jewelers.  The rings fit on your finger, but they just didn’t fit us. A...

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Desert bush
17 March 2021

love knows no boundary

‘human relationships are as vast as desert’ ‘…stones, even, are smoother for the dust’ – Patrick White, from the novel Voss (1957)   The...

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10 March 2021

do come along

Writing is always a beautiful dimension

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9 March 2021

keeping it real

Every day, we are bombarded with media images of ‘success’. Cars, houses, holidays, clothes, jewelry, fashion and technology accessories. The more success, the more...

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5 March 2021

are we just birds in a cage?

We all matter - wherever we are, whatever we believe, whomever is governing us, whatever we own or don’t own. If we do not think...

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