Do you remember? We'd given up on the high street jewelers.  The rings fit on your finger, but they just Read more
There is no colour called love in this world. Yet how thoroughly it has dyed my heart ~Lady Kasa, Japan, Read more
The art of travel, experienced as an inner journey of discovery and enrichment, is intimately connected with the art of Read more
Desert bush
‘human relationships are as vast as desert' ‘…stones, even, are smoother for the dust’ - Patrick White, from the novel Read more
Writing is always a beautiful dimension Read more
Every day, we are bombarded with media images of 'success'. Cars, houses, holidays, clothes, jewelry, fashion and technology accessories. The Read more
We all matter - wherever we are, whatever we believe, whomever is governing us, whatever we own or don’t own. Read more
Every leaf of every forest throughout time has been unique - yet every leaf has been part of the whole, Read more
  Essence and our writing Our single most important goal in the writing we do for our clients is to Read more
gratitude grace heart humanity love
This was our vision, the writing team of WeSpeakYourHeart - to take our immense personal love for each other into Read more
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