This image would make teachers of photography courses, warm inside. There is, it appears, a skilled eye and hand at Read more
  We are programmed to reach for a person who makes us feel safe, loved, affirmed. This is human. Instinctual. Read more
Polly dealt with the news of her husband’s illness as she had dealt with most things that threatened to blow Read more
brother and sister
Would you like to visit us in Hamilton? I have a cottage I do not use. I know this place is Read more
The people in this photograph are neither me nor my mother. My mother was diagnosed with cyclothymia. All the family Read more
It's 1964. Somewhere in the South-West of England. An unruly Spring day appears before its time.  The insistent sun breaks Read more
This photograph was taken in Zaire - a sovereign state which lasted from 1971 to 1997 - in Central Africa, Read more
Each Autumn, your tuberous roots stretch their arms after their long summer sleep. Your wooded stems become rich and strong Read more
It isn’t possible to promise those we love continuous health, happiness, prosperity or freedom from heartbreak. But In the end, Read more
Real people Real people marry more than once, have mortgages, sit at kitchen tables covered with bills to pay. May Read more
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