October 2022

our orbits of light

We are near the beginning of everything.  It’s a little under 14 billion years ago. The newly formed universe has been cooling for 380,000 years and something monumental is happening. All light has lain trapped behind an immense and impenetrable particle cloud for almost 4 thousand centuries.  But now, in the cooler temperatures, electrical combinations are occurring, and great bodies of a new gas are forming.  Transparent hydrogen opens passages in the dense particle cloud and, in a sequence of […]

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you just made me think of how we share our food how you always try to give me love from your plate how when I say a piece is yours you always break it into two pieces the smallest of which is for you you have the most gorgeous heart and it always feels like the best of the Arab and African world has made it into you, that you know that the largest love is pure simplicity and goodness […]

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