August 2022

Estefano during the Cook & Shoot Workshop in 2015

Estefano Onatrac: the food and travel photographer in love with people

the only love sentence – ever, above all – is ‘did you eat yet?’ Elsa Morante   Three hours from Utrecht, the night train takes another of the many curves, en route to Innsbruck. Beveled wheels glow briefly as they ride the tracks’ camber. The train had left the Netherlands on time, as could usually be depended. As the train steals through darkened countryside, somewhere in Germany, the outside disappears, and the rattling, glowing train is, for now, all that […]

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Palestinian refugees near Allenby Bridge, 1967

peace: no one told us it does not exist

I held you so the universe would not suck you in protecting you from the wind, the bullets, the pain mama’s tears, mine our  neighbours’ fears I taught you to count while picking up stars to pray be thankful, always we are children taking care of all the children under bombs ammunitions and firing squads in tents in the desert close to a bridge the sewage doomed to forget home (all the bread we broke shared and raised to heaven […]

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man hugging woman by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


my beloved girl know I need you know I crave to ease your pain know I will never leave you know I can’t breathe without you know that we are gypsy wed that we are more delicious than mushroom rigatoni know that this very moment light breezes are skipping and playing across the bay in front of our future home passing time until we arrive know that the 100-year cottage awaits us too know that suppliers of lentils, tofu, chickpeas, […]

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fire for blood

We, the unruly, with no fixed time for meals and hearts flowing as freely as our blood, wait in the small, dark, hot room for a different kind of feast. Earlier, you had said, It is no way to live out of suitcases, but words last little. Suitcases are shrugged off as it is suitcases that bring us to each other and cancel the distance between us. Truth is, we are not unruly. We fulfill every sacrosanct working commitment. Our respective […]

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in grief for baby zahra

Baby Zahra was just 11 months old when a bomb killed her along with other eight tourists. It happened and you might have never heard of them   In the summer, it gets hot in Iraq. So scorching your clothes are on fire. One with your skin. You just want to escape. It gets so hot the pavement in Baghdad is like chewed bubblegum underneath your soles. The weather in 2022 became anarchic to the extent nine sandstorms afflicted the […]

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