Monthly:August 2021

standing alone

  We are programmed to reach for a person who makes us feel safe, loved, affirmed. This is human. Instinctual. Universal. It is in a toddler’s reaching arms. It powers decisions which we make deep into adulthood. During our years, this yearning will lead us into situations that can feel the most damaging of our lives. That can feel as if they are the end of us. Demolished. Standing alone. Then, we are forced to reach into ourselves. To consider […]

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Polly and Cliff

Polly dealt with the news of her husband’s illness as she had dealt with most things that threatened to blow her life off course. She did not think of her ship sinking. Just that the voyage had become more challenging.  She knew that it was too late to avoid this storm, and hugging her knees, rocking in tears in the small hull of her life’s boat would not help, either. She must draw further strengths from that hidden place inside […]

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Our writing services for you

Our writing service  Everything we write we prepare from scratch.  No imitation, no plagiarism, but original, bespoke writing customised to your needs, to your life. Our writing team are experts in many forms of written expression – creative writings in all forms (poetry, short stories, screenplays), journalistic features and articles, technical analytic work.  We handpick a suitable writer for each order, each assignment. You will be provided with a draft and have the opportunity to provide comments.  The piece will […]

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