July 2021

brother and sister

Ian, my brother

Would you like to visit us in Hamilton? I have a cottage I do not use. I know this place is expensive: you can stay there. Our last conversation. A few months later, while I was contemplating booking the flight, your body was found in that same cottage. Just 48 years old. I had not heard from you in a while, something told me a bad star was over us. Let’s say you had no money issue: what would you do? […]

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it might have been us

The people in this photograph are neither me nor my mother. My mother was diagnosed with cyclothymia. All the family was dragged along in cycles of depression and fits of anger whose heights could last for days. The disease lasted years and its cycles too. I learnt the pain of objects which break on the skin, the sound of body against body, the fear of slammed doors and obscene words. I understood that life had to be the hard way​, the […]

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when it all goes wrong

It’s 1964. Somewhere in the South-West of England. An unruly Spring day appears before its time.  The insistent sun breaks through with a distant warmth and, partnering with sharp breezes, rouses life like sleepy children from their beds. Soon, lambs will come, shoots, blossom and blooms. Alice lets the fabric of the deckchair take her weight. In the warmth, for a moment, she almost forgets it all.  Almost. The business has failed. Her husband, a man of nearly 50 years, […]

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